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YoWhatsApp APK

This article is about YoWhatsApp APK which is MOD. Introduction WhatsApp has made life easy…

This article is about YoWhatsApp APK which is MOD.


WhatsApp has made life easy for most people with the use of WhatsApp we can talk to anyone, and we can chat with anyone at any time. We send messages and know whether the message has been sent or has read the message or not been delivered. We can send text, voice as well as video messages anytime. Even video calling is done using WhatsApp.

It is a famous proverb that with easiness comes difficulties and WhatsApp has also brought certain difficulties. Privacy can be at risk as if anyone opens our WhatsApp they can read our text messages and can hear audio messages. If we read a message then a blue tick appears and the sender knows that we have read the message. To solve all these issues developers came up with the idea of Yo WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp with some new, amazing, and advanced features. These new and advanced features are not available in any Yo Whatsapp MOD. You can only get access to those features in this app which you will be able to download from our site. Many people believe that this app is similar to GB WhatsApp but I think this app is much better than that and that can be understood from the increasing searches of this app in recent years.

Overview of YoWhatsApp APK:

Yo WhatsApp APK is another modified version of WhatsApp as it has bought new and advanced features which are not present in any other app. Some of the features which are not present in any other mod are setting a background image, call block, languages supported, a library of themes, changing of name and color of any group, the color of the tick, and many more features which are new for all kinds of mods available. These features make this app one of the best apps as you can personalize this app according to your needs and choices.



YoWhatsApp supports and offers you more than 100 languages which you can select according to your choice.

Block contact:

With this app, you can block any of your contact or any unsaved number.

Image in the background:

You can set any image as the background of your chats which is one of the unique and loved features of this app.

Library of themes:

This application has another feature of themes. You can have lots of colorful and beautiful themes which you can use in this app.

Changing of name and color of group:

One amazing feature of Yo WhatsApp APK is that you can change the names of any group and also you can change the color of any group according to your need and choice.

Tick color:

In official WhatsApp, you can not change the color of the tick which is blue but in YoWhatsApp APK, you can change the color of the tick to any color of your choice.

Hiding online status:

You can even hide your online status if you want to. This gives you greater control of your privacy.

Enhanced limit:

You can send up to 10 images in one message in Yo WhatsApp while in the original app, you can send only 4 pics.

File Sharing size:

Sharing heavy files has become easy with YoWhatsApp as you can share a file size of upto 700MBs.

Hiding Blue tick:

In case you do not want to let the sender know that you have read his or her message then you can hide the blue tick option by which the sender will don’t know that you have opened the chat.

Tick Style:

You can change the tick style and bubble style.

Hiding chat:

With the help of a finger lock, you can hide your chats.


You can have tons of new and unique emojis which you can use to make your chat more interesting.

Status size:

You can write a long status of up to 250 words which is much longer than official WhatsApp.

How to download and install YoWhatsApp APK on your Android?

  • Open this site and click on the download button to start downloading its APK.
  • Once it is downloading go to settings.
  • Now allow unknown sources from the setting.
  • Now go to downloads and open the downloaded YoWhatsApp APK and run the installation.
  • Wait till installation is completed and once completed open it.
  • Now connect your account or create a new account and start using it.


What is YoWhatsApp?

This is a modified version of Official WhatsApp with additional features.

Can we download it and use it?

Yes, you can download it from our site by clicking the ‘Yo WhatsApp Download’ button. As this is a third-party app so this is not available on the play store.


In today’s world, no app or any social media platform can match the importance of WhatsApp when it comes to communication. Though there were many things that WhatsApp was unable to provide to its users still people love WhatsApp. To fill those gaps developers came up with many different mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp, and many more. Among them, Yo WhatsApp is also a modified version of Official WhatsApp which has introduced some of the best and most useful features for its users. That is the reason that today millions of people are downloading this mod and using it. It is a third-party app so you can not find it on the play store but you don’t need to worry. You can download this app from our site by clicking on the YoWhatsApp Download button.