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WhatsApp Prime APK

This article is about WhatsApp Prime APK and its features. Introduction This article is about…

This article is about WhatsApp Prime APK and its features.


This article is about WhatsApp Prime APK which is again a MOD just like YOWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp, and many others. This is developed by a third-party app developer so you would not be able to download it from the google play store. The reason behind the development of this MOD was to provide better and more advanced features than official WhatsApp. People are loving this app due to its amazing features and that is the reason that today more and more people are downloading and using it.

Overview of WhatsApp Prime:

WhatsApp Prime is a modified version of Official WhatsApp. It was developed for the reason that people who were using WhatsApp wanted more features that were not available to them. Some of the features which were introduced by this app are the anti-ban, enhanced limit for video sharing, maintain image quality, the preview of media without downloading, increased number of characters for status, extended file transfer option, and many more. All these features can be accessed by simply downloading this app free from this site.


These are the certain features of this app:


This app comes with an anti-ban feature. It means that if you download this app and use it your id will not get banned from its native app.

Video Size increased:

Now you can send a video of size 70 MB which is more than the limit of original WhatsApp’s limit. This feature makes this app more attractive.

Better image quality:

One thing that annoys users a lot in WhatsApp is that if one sends a picture to any of his or her contacts its size is downgraded. Due to this original quality of the picture is lost. But with this app, you won’t lose the quality of your image it sends images in their original quality.

View Media without downloading:

Now you can view all those media files sent to you without even downloading. This amazing feature is not available on WhatsApp and is not even in any mode.

Status limit increased:

This mod has increased the limit of characters of status. This provides you with more freedom as you can write longer statuses.

Extended file option:

Using any MOD you can send more files at a time but no app provides you the option of sending 300 files at a time. These files include videos, audio, images, documents, and many more.

Disable reply option:

The most amazing feature which you will love is the disable reply option. With this option, you will be able to send messages but your contact would be denied to reply. This makes one-way communication possible and this feature is not available in any app.

Copy Status:

Sometimes we like someone’s status and want to get it but we can’t do that because this option is not available on WhatsApp as well as any MOD. But you can now copy anyone’s status as this app provides you with this amazing option.

Disable and activate the Call button:

We sometimes press the call button mistakenly and to resolve this problem this app has introduced disable and activate the call button.

Install WhatsApp Prime on your Android

  • First, download the APK file from this site.
  • After it, go to settings and search for ‘unknown sources’.
  • Now enable the unknown sources.
  • Then go back to the folder where you have downloaded the APK file.
  • Click on it so that the installation will begin.
  • After installation, you can start using it.

Advantages and Disadvantages


There are many advantages of using this app as you can use themes, send more files, copy the status of any of your contact, and ban replies for one-way communication. You can also send lots of HD-quality images with this app.


The biggest drawback of that of privacy. As with this app, developers can view your private chats. This app is also slower compared to WhatsApp.


What is WhatsApp Prime?

This application is a modified version of the official Whatsapp developed by a third-party developer.

How to download this App?

This app is developed by a third-party developer so it is not available on the google play store. You can download it from our site by clicking on the button ‘WhatsApp Prime Download’.


In short, WhatsApp has been growing day by day due to its unique and amazing features. Though WhatsApp has introduced many amazing features still many features are not available. This amazing MOD was developed so that the gap is filled. WhatsApp Prime is also a modified version of WhatsApp with many amazing and unique features like anti-ban, increased limits, status copy, call button to disable and activate and many more.