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WhatsApp Plus APK

This article is about WhatsApp Plus APK and its features. Introduction It is a famous…

This article is about WhatsApp Plus APK and its features.


It is a famous proverb that in this world only one thing is constant, which is change. This proverb is applicable to every field. Nothing can remain the same for a long time because with time come change. The same has happened in the field of communication. With the invention of the internet, a whole new world came into existence. This invention changed the course of life as a whole. The mode of communication was letter writing at that time which took months and years to deliver a single message but the internet made it much easier to deliver messages. A revolution came in the field of communication when WhatsApp was developed as it changed the course of history. The message which took months and years now just takes seconds to get delivered.

WhatsApp became so famous among the masses that it has now billions of active users. Basically, it introduced some amazing features which were new to everyone. These included text messaging, audio messaging, audio and video calling, status, profile picture, sharing pictures and videos, and many more. Though WhatsApp came with some of the latest features users demanded more. To fill that vacuum many new MODs were developed like GB WhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, WhatsApp Go, and many more but WhatsApp Plus become the most famous among all other MODs.

WhatsApp Plus is one the latest and most famous modified versions of WhatsApp to date. The reason behind its being most famous is its advanced and unique features. These features include DND mode, themes, enhanced limits, security, anti-delete, and many more. You can download this app from our site and start using it. To download it click on the WhatsApp Plus Download button given above.

Overview of WhatsApp Plus:

Like all other MODs, this app is also a mode but this MOD has so many new and amazing features that no other MOD has. That is the reason that this app is so much famous among people globally. Some of these features include security, DND mode, themes, download status, auto-reply, anti-delete, enhanced limits, bulk messages, and many more. What is needed more when all these features are available in one app and that is for free?

WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

FeatureWhatsApp PlusWhatsApp
Direct MessageYesNo
File Sending Limit999 MB100 MB
Themes StoreYesNo
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Security LockYesNo
Download StatusYesNo
Status Length255139
Bulk MessageYesNo
Icon ChangeYesNo
Custom FontYesNo
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
Hide Blue TicksYesNo
Second TickYesNo
Typing StatusYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Emoji VariantsYesNo
Always OnlineYesNo
Hide Media From GalleryYesNo
Send Web Images DirectlyYesNo
Multi App Language SupportYesNo
Send Images in Full ResolutionYesNo


The following are some of the features of his app:

Option of hiding:

One of the main features of this app is the hiding option which was not available in official WhatsApp. These include hiding status, blue tick, profile picture, and many more.


When it comes to themes there is no such concept of themes and can only be found in MODs. To solve this issue, this app has provided users with many themes to use them.

Font Styles:

This app also has many font sizes and styles for its users. You can select any size or style according to your need.


Nowadays, things are going towards automation and it seems that almost everything will be automated in the coming years. For that, this app provides you with an autoresponder feature which will help you in the automation of your work.


Emojis have become part of conversations nowadays and one cannot show or express his or her feeling better without emojis. This app has come with the concept of an emojis variant which means all emojis with different unique styles are to be used in conversation freely.

Anti-Delete messages:

This is very annoying that one sends a message and before reading it they delete it. To overcome it this app has introduced a wonderful feature of anti-delete feature that enables us of reading deleted messages.

Downloading Status:

Downloading status option is not available in official WhatsApp and you can only view and react to it but using this MOD you can easily download the status of any of your contact.

Fewer restrictions:

When it comes to restrictions this app has tried to relax the restrictions. By using this app you can send more pictures, high-resolution pictures, forward messages, quantity, and video size.


This app comes with an advanced cleaner and helps in cleaning outdated data such as images and long videos.

Hiding Media from the Gallery:

Most of the time we share our private images and videos with our close ones but when we receive these private images and videos on our phone they are added to our gallery. So to avoid this situation, this app helps us in hiding that data from the gallery so no one could see those pictures and videos.

DND Mode:

We sometimes work on something and want to use the internet for that purpose but when we connect to the internet we get messages and calls on WhatsApp and get disturbed. To avoid this, the option of DND has been added and with this option, we can discount only this app from the internet using the internet on our phone.

WhatsApp lock:

In many smartphones, there is no in-built security system and a third-party security app is required to lock any app. But if you have this app you don’t need to worry as this app has an in-built pin, pattern, and fingerprint security system. You can even just lock specific conversations.

Scheduling messages:

In every corner of the world, we celebrate festivals and we need to send messages in bulk to the people at those events. This problem has been solved with the help of this app as you can schedule messages in this app.

Hide online:

At certain times we become so busy with our work that we don’t want to be seen online. During that time you can simply hide your online status while being online. It simply provides you with more control.


Customization has never been provided by WhatsApp to its users but you can do so by downloading and using this app.

WhatsApp Icons:

It seemed impossible to have WhatsApp icons in any MOD but this is true that WhatsApp Plus has added 10+ WhatsApp icons so you could trick your friends and family while using this app.

How to download and install WhatsApp Plus APK 2023 on your Android?

  • First, you need to download the APK file of his app from the above-mentioned download link.
  • After it is downloaded go to settings and search for an unknown source.
  • Now enable the unknown source to install any app
  • Then go back to the folder where you have downloaded that APK file.
  • Click on it and installation will begin.
  • After installation is completed you can start using it.

Steps to Switch from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus:

Step 1: Create a backup of all your WhatsApp Data.

You can create a backup of all your data on your Google derive or you can create your backup data on the Dr. Fone app which is easier and handier.

Step 2: Create a backup on your PC.

Download the Dr. Fone app on your pc and connect your phone to pc using a data cable. After that run the Dr.Fone app and follow the steps to create a backup of your data.

Step 3: Download and Install WhatsApp Plus on your Android.

Now you need to download this app from our site as you will not find this app on the google play store because this is a third-party app.

Step 4: Restore your data.

Now you need to restore your previous data so so could not lose your previous data and start using it.

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

As this app is a third-party app so you will not find this on the google play store but you can download this app from our site by clicking on the WhatsApp Plus APK Download link.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use on Android?

Yes, this app is 100% safe to use on your Android.

What is WhatsApp Plus Web?

If you have used WhatsApp Web you can better understand that this app’s web is upgraded with all the new and amazing features.


In short, this app is the best-ever MOD of WhatsApp as it has introduced so many new and amazing features that no MOD developer ever thought of. These features include some amazing features like downloading status, WhatsApp icons, customization, anti-delete, fewer limits, better security, and many more. A third-party developer develops this app so you cannot download this app from the google play store.