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Royal WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version 2023 (Updated)

This article is about Royal WhatsApp APK and its unique features. Introduction Ever since the…

This article is about Royal WhatsApp APK and its unique features.


Ever since the internet has spread all over the world, things have changed rapidly. Like new technologies have been developed. Although this boom of technology has affected all fields of life but communication sector has seen the most rapid growth. Before the internet, it took years and months to deliver a message but now we can call, or text anyone within seconds and talk to them. It was the development of whatsapp which changed everything. But soon after it, many developers started to develop MODs with better features like GB WhatsApp, and KB WhatsApp. Royal WhatsApp is also one such MOD.

Overview of Royal WhatsApp APK

Like all the MODs, Royal WhatsApp APK is one of the best and most amazing mods of the official app, whatsapp. It is due to all the amazing features which make this app one of the best and most unique mods of its native app. These amazing features include fast execution, better privacy options, messaging option, a zooming option, the ability to store whatsapp data, emojis, increased limits, and many more. With all these features it becomes one of the most loved mods among all others.

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Features of Royal WhatsAPP APK

Royal WhatsApp app has some of the amazing features listed below and explained in detail.


Here in this app, you can have lots of amazing emojis which you can use in your chat to make it more realistic and enjoyable.

Fast execution

If you want a mod that is fast, stable, and cleaner then you need to have this app. This app is much faster, stable, and cleaner.

Better Privacy Options

One of the most amazing features of this app is its enhanced privacy options. Here you can have much better control over all your things like showing or not showing a blue tick etc. You can control the status view. You can apply different levels of privacy to different chats.

File Transfer Format

In today’s world, there are many different formats of files that you can share with different people. The problem with the original app is that you can send limited formats. But it is not the case with this app as you can send all types of files using this app.

Increased Character Limit

This app has increased the limit of characters which was originally 144 but with this app, you can have 255. This makes it easier to express ourselves.

Zooming Option

Using this app you can zoom the profile picture of any of your contacts. This option is also not available in the original app.

Messaging Option

Messaging a number is available in Royal WhatsApp but it is not possible on official WhatsApp.

Storing WhatsApp Data

Most of the MODs do not recover WhatsApp data but with this app, you can even recover your whatsapp data.

How to Download Royal WhatsApp APK and Install it on your device? 

  • Open the Software Hoster site and find the Royal WhatsApp on it.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Allow unknown sources from settings.
  • Now go to recent downloads and click on the APK file which you have downloaded.
  • Wait for the installation to get completed.
  • Once done create an account and start using it.


In Conclusion, Royal WhatsApp APK is one of the latest and unique mods of its native app. It has some of the most amazing features, making it the most loved app. Its amazing features include saving whatsapp data, emojis, increased limits, sending messages to numbers, privacy, and many more. If you want to have all these features click on the download button given on the top.