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Regedit Dragon APK Latest Version for Android

Introduction Want to become a pro player in Free Fire video games without having gaming…


Want to become a pro player in Free Fire video games without having gaming experience and skills? Well, we have the best solution for you. The Regedit dragon injector is an Android application that offers a wide range of features for the FF players. With the help of this tool, you can easily win matches and compete against pro players. It allows you to unlock FF menu items without spending a dime. You can get the in-game diamond currency and use it to purchase costume skins, vehicle skins, parachute skins, backpack skins, and more. Moreover, the anti-ban function protects your game account from being banned by the system.

Regedit Dragon FF Injector App Info

App NameRegedit Dragon
App DeveloperSolar Developer
Size4 MB
RequirmentAndroid 5+

What is Regedit Dragon?

Regedit Dragon is a third-party Android app that allows FF players to have free access to all the menu items. With the increasing fan following and the addition of new players from across the globe, the FF game is becoming better and better with time. Players who show exceptional combat skills and win most matches are given free skins, advanced weapons, and diamonds. However, you can also get these game resources for free whether you are new or do not have gaming skills. It boosts your rank and also assists you during the game with many tools.

Similarly, the app unlocks coins and diamonds in the modified game menu. The coins and diamonds carry much importance like money in real life. Actually, it costs real money to purchase diamonds and is expensive to afford by every player. However, you do not have to pay a single penny because this tool gives you free diamonds. You buy various items such as rare character skins, vehicle skins, rare weapons and skins, and much more. You can purchase rare game characters that have unique skills and powers. Additionally, all these features give you an advantage over other players and enhance your gaming skills.

Furthermore, the drone view, ESP, and aim menu assist you during the game. You can view the map from above to see where other players are hiding; and guns they are carrying; automatically aim, reload, and hit opponents. You can become invisible to other players, fly cars, run in water, and see through walls and buildings. If you utilize these functions during the game, you can easily become a pro player and win more rounds of matches to be at the top of the game. It is so much fun when you can aim without any gaming skills onto the head of the enemy and knock players with a single headshot. The Regedit Dragon latest Apk FF injector is free to download on Android devices. Click on the download link to get the latest Apk file of the FF injector.

Features of Regedit Dragon

As has already been discussed above the features and functions of Regedit Dragon FF injector, some of the features have been explained below.

Free skins

The app allows you to get free skins and some of them, are rare and hard to find. You can choose from a variety of skins that enhance your gaming experience and give your gaming confidence. You can get a variety of in-game character skins, weapon skins, bundles, banners, and more. Players pay real money to purchase skins because they are fun to have.

ESP Menu

ESP is one of the cool features this app offers that provides you with special abilities during the battle. It gives you an edge over your opponents. By using this function you can easily know everything about your enemy such as health points, location, name, rank, and more. It lets you distinguish your squad from the enemy squad. There are types of ESP including ESP fire, ESP line, weapon ESP, health ESP, rank ESP, and more. These allow you to give more details about players such as the location of weapons, rank, location of explosives, and more.

Aim menu

Another key feature that improves your shooting skills is the aim menu. It has many types such as auto aim, aimbot, auto headshot, and more. You can inject either of these into the game and improve aiming and get more kills. It is more useful to beginners who have difficulty aiming at enemies and getting killed at the start of the match. You can utilize these functions to sharpen your aiming technique and stay alive till the end of the game. Following are some types of aim menu

  • Auto-aim: It will aim automatically your weapon at enemies.
  • Aimbot: It allows you to shoot players without having to aim your weapon.
  • Auto headshot: It allows you to take headshots with more precision and accuracy.

User-friendly interface

The application has a responsive and clear layout that is easy to understand and use. The mod menu has an updated background. You can choose from the items to inject into the game. Moreover, its anti-ban feature allows you to play with your original account by giving you security from getting banned from the game. The app has HD graphics giving you an advantage over other players.

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What’s new in Regedit Dragon APK?

  • Skins for parachute, backpack, weapon
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Superboard
  • Vehicle skins
  • Anti-ban
  • Zero ads
  • New background
  • ESP box
  • Safe and secure
  • Latest version


Last but not least, the Regedit Dragon injector offers amazing features to improve your gaming skills and your ranking. It is free to use and has anti-ban functionality that protects your account from getting banned. Get free access to unlimited costume skins, diamonds, auto headshot features, vehicle skins, and more. The app can help you improve your combat skills and win battles against pro players. For FF beginners, it may help you reach higher levels in the game and beat top players. Moreover, it lets you unlock rare weapons that cause heavy damage and are superior in range, precision, and reloading. If you want to become better at the FF game then you should utilize this app to get more kills and more wins. Download the latest Regedit Dragon FF apk for free on Android by clicking the download link.