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OG WhatsApp APK Download For Android [Latest Version 2.19.17]

This article is about OG WhatsApp APK and its features. Introduction Whenever any one of…

This article is about OG WhatsApp APK and its features.


Whenever any one of us gets a new phone the first thing we do is install a few apps and among them, WhatsApp would always be the first one. WhatsApp has become the backbone of communication and the reason behind it is its amazing features such as video and audio calling, sharing pictures, sharing status, and many more such amazing features. That is the reason that today WhatsApp has billions of active users globally. But still, WhatsApp lagged behind a few features that its users wanted to have in WhatsApp. For that reason, third-party developers came up with OG WhatsApp. In simple words, it is a simple version of the Official WhatsApp with new and better features.

Overview of OG WhatsApp App:

OG WhatsApp is a modified and upgraded version of Official Whatsapp developed by third-party developers. WhatsApp is among the top-used apps with billions of active users. Most of the features of WhatsApp are unique and amazing but still, there is room for improvement. To fill that need, third-party developers developed this app with all the new and amazing features like colorful themes, anti-ban, calling unsaved numbers, status-download features, enhanced limits, and many more such features. This is the reason that today this app is getting popular among the masses and has millions of active users. If you need to download this app click on the ‘OG WhatsApp APK Download’ button given below.


Below are the features of OG WhatsApp apk which are discussed in detail.


This app is safe to use as it will be impossible for anyone to get you banned from using your WhatsApp on this app. Even official WhatsApp will also be unable to get you banned.

Anti-Delete Message:

One of the amazing features of this app is the anti-delete messages option. By using this app you can read even deleted messages without asking them to resend the message.

Anti-delete status:

With this feature, you can view all those statuses and react to them that have been deleted before 24 hours.

Password protected:

The feature of password protection is not available in official WhatsApp but this app has the option of password protection for a specific chat. It makes this app more secure for private chats.

Beautiful and colorful themes:

One of the amazing features of this app is that you can have beautiful and colorful themes that you can use. This feature of themes is not available in official WhatsApp.

Calling unsaved numbers:

If you use WhatsApp and want to call someone, you need to save his or her number first on your mobile. But that is not the case in OG Whatsapp, as you can call anyone without even saving their number on your phone.

Downloading status:

One other feature of this app is that you can download the status of your friends on your phone with this app. If you are using official WhatsApp then you can just view and react but to download the status you need to download this app.

Images limit enhanced:

WhatsApp has a very small limit of sending images to anyone but that is not the case with this app. You can send up to 90 pictures at once which is much higher than WhatsApp.

Enhanced limit of characters for group names:

Groups are common in WhatsApp and the word limit for them is 25 but that limit has been increased to 35 in this app which is much higher. It becomes easy to have a fancy name using this feature.

In-built message scheduler:

Sending a message in time or greeting at a specific time is difficult but you don’t need to worry if you have OG WhatsApp on your mobile. This app has the feature of an in-built message scheduler in it using which you can schedule greetings or any other message to anyone.

Enhanced word limit for status:

If you want to write a long status on your WhatsApp you cannot do that as it is limited but you can write such a long status using this app. This app provides a limit of 250 words which is much higher.


This app provides its users with some new and amazing emojis to use in their chat.

These emojis make chat much more interesting and make it easy to share feelings with each other in a much better way.

WhatsApp Locker:

Privacy in recent times has become so important that no one wants to make things public. For that people use different lockers to keep their privacy. To make things easier this app has an inbuilt locker using which you can lock your WhatsApp to ensure your privacy.

Copying status:

It is not possible to copy one’s status but using this app you can copy the status of any of your contacts and send it to anyone instead of writing the whole status by hand.

Dual accounts:

Dual accounts are not available in Whatsapp as you can use only one account in a single WhatsApp but that is again possible only by downloading OG WhatsApp on your Android device.

How to download and Install OG WhatsApp Apk?

  1. Search for the OG WhatsApp on the browser.
  2. Open the page and click on the download button.
  3. Now, wait till the Apk is fully downloaded.
  4. Go to the setting and allow unknown sources.
  5. Then go to the Downloads and click on the Apk file and installation will be started.
  6. Wait till the app is installed on your Android.
  7. Now open the app create or connect your account and start using it.


What is OG WhatsApp?

It is a modified version of the official WhatsApp with new and amazing features like colorful themes, enhanced limits, an in-built locker, and many more.

What is the difference between GB Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp, and OG WhatsApp?

They all are modified versions of official WhatsApp but all have been developed by different developers with different and unique features.

Is It safe to use this app?

Yes, it is safe to use as it is anti-ban so so can use it without any fear of a ban.

Is it available on the Play Store?

No, this app is a third-party app so you cannot find it on the Play Store. But you can download this app from our site.


In conclusion, there are many apps for communication purposes but there is no app like WhatsApp. It provides such options which were unknown to people like audio calling, video calling, audio messages, sending pictures, status stories, and many more. But in recent times many news apps are giving a tough time to WhatsApp. The reason is that these new apps such as OG WhatsApp have introduced such features that they have become much popular among the masses. This app has come up with some of the very amazing and unique features like anti-ban, anti-message delete, anti-status delete, emojis, enhanced limits, and many more. If you want to get access to all these features, click on the download button given below.