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KB WhatsApp APK

This article is about KB WhatsApp APK and its features. Introduction Every passing day people…

This article is about KB WhatsApp APK and its features.


Every passing day people are coming towards different MODs of WhatsApp. The reason for such a big shift is the new and amazing features. All the mods have introduced different and new features which are not available on WhatsApp.

Some MODs have become so popular that millions of people are going towards those MODs such as GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and many more. KB WhatsApp is relatively new but still has got popular among the masses. It is evident from the increasing number of users of this app.

Overview of WhatsApp KB

KB WhatsApp like all other MODs is a modified version of its native app, WhatsApp. This is one of the amazing apps with amazing and new features that makes it so popular. The features that make it so popular are privacy, customization, lock, switch account, change emojis, themes, and many more. These themes make it one of the most loved mods among all others. One more thing about this app is a version of the famous MOD WhatsApp Plus.


Below are the features of WhatsApp KB:

Privacy Control

If you want to have better control over privacy you need to download this app as it provides better privacy control options.


In the case of its native app, you cannot change anything but if you download this app you can customize the home screen of this app.


The biggest problem is having the privacy of your chats and for that this app provides you the option of lock option using which you can lock  KB WhatsApp with a pin, password, or fingerprint.

Switch accounts

It is common now to have more than one WhatsApp account due to the need of personal, professional, and business needs. If you are also having these different types of accounts then this app provides you with the solution as you don’t need to sign out and sign in. You can use all your accounts at a single time.


This app also has many different emojis which you can use for communication to make communication entertaining and realistic.

Viewing media

If any of your contacts sends you a media file and you want to view it without letting him know then use this app. If you want to let him know click on the eye button so that he may know you have viewed the media.


This app has also many themes which you can use to make this app look beautiful.


This option is for those who are too busy to reply. This app replies to your messages automatically if you turn on auto-reply.

Schedule Messages

This option is for scheduling messages so that you won’t miss any special event greeting to anyone.

Install KB WhatsApp on your android

  • Open this site and click on KB WhatsApp Download.
  • Now go to settings and search for ‘unknown sources’.
  • Enable the unknown sources
  • Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the KB WhatsApp APK file.
  • Click on it and run the installation
  • After installation, you can start using it.


Is WhatsApp KB a virus?

No, WhatsApp KB is a modified version of WhatsApp with amazing features.

Can we use dual accounts in this app?

Yes, you can operate multiple accounts using this app.

How to update KBWhatsApp?

Whenever a new version comes you should delete the older one and install the new version.


In conclusion, like many mods, this app is also a modified version of Official WhatsApp. This mod has become popular in recent times due to its amazing features. It has got some amazing features like privacy control, WhatsApp lock, themes, font styles, auto-reply, viewing media without knowing the sender, and many more. As this app is a third-party app so it is advised not to use it if you have privacy concerns. That is the reason this app is not available on the google play store but you can download it from our site.