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Gods Team Injector Latest Version free fire V6_v1.100.X APK

Introduction Gods Team Injector is an Android application that unlocks premium menu items in the…


Gods Team Injector is an Android application that unlocks premium menu items in the GFF. These range from costume skins, weapon skins, exclusive weapons, and more. It unlocks diamonds, which is the in-game currency for purchasing different items. Moreover, it offers a wide range of other features that assist you during the match and increase your chances of winning the game. Garena Free Fire is a tough game and it requires years of experience and gaming skills to compete against pro gamers. However, with this app, you will win matches and boost your rank by using the tips and tricks in the game. It has a simple and user-friendly interface which is easy to use.

What is Gods Team Injector APK?

With millions of daily active users, the Garena Free Fire has become one of the most downloaded shooting games in the Esports world. The FF developers have been updating and adding new features to the gameplay. As the competition has intensified, so has the difficulty level of the game. If you want to polish your gaming skills and be a pro player, then you need to invest time and money. However, what if you could save money and time to become a better FF gamer? Because the Gods Team Injector, which is a modified free FF application, can help you do it. It modifies the game to your advantage.

Similarly, it offers additional features that assist the in-game character during the match. The ESP method is very useful as it provides additional information on enemies; the aimbot trick increases aiming; the drone camera gives you a bird’s eye view of the map. You can run in water and also fly vehicles. Moreover, you can hit perfect headshots with the auto headshot feature. The teleport function allows the in-game character to move from one area of the map to the other within seconds. This way you can easily get to the loot from other players. These features give you an incredible advantage over other players. By using these tips and tricks, you can easily win matches and beat pro players to boost your rank. Now let’s talk about the application itself.

The Gods Team app has been developed with good intentions to allow FF players to gain maximum control over gameplay and have fun. It has the brightest and most responsive interface that is easy to navigate and gamers of all ages can easily understand and use it. The background has been customized with many themes and you can choose one that suits your liking. The mod menu is well categorized into various sections that offer different features. The app is secure and any bug-related issue has been fixed in the latest Gods Team apk file. Furthermore, the anti-ban function keeps your account safe from being banned by the system. It neither shows any ads nor does it steal your Android data.

Features of Gods Team Injector App

The application contains many features that are very helpful to win matches and enhance the gaming experience. Some of them have been mentioned below.

Auto Headshot

If you are a new FF player, then you must try the auto headshot feature. It automatically adjusts the aim onto the head of the enemy. By singing this trick you can easily knock opponents with a perfect headshot in one shot.

Antenna View

Another key feature that easily lets you spot enemies even from long distances is the antenna view. An antenna on the head highlights the enemies allowing you to attack them from a safe zone and knock them down.

ESP Menu

It gives you additional information on other players such as their rank, name, health bar, weapons they are carrying, and much more. You can either fight or defend by judging the situation. It has many types.

  • ESP Line: Line size, Line color, Line local
  • ESP Box: Box size, Box color
  • ESP Grenade: Grenade color
  • ESP Fire: Fire color
  • ESP Distance: Text size

Unlimited Bullets

Many a time players get killed because they run out of ammo. But God’s Team injector provides you with unlimited bullets so that you can shower bullets and knock enemies down.

Night Mode

If you want to use darkness to your advantage then you should inject the night mode into the game. You can easily see enemies without being seen. You can adjust the screen brightness according to your needs.

Highlight enemies

The enemies in the game can be highlighted using the pink body color feature. By using this trick you can easily spot enemies even from long distances.

Drone View

Another key feature that gives you an advantage over other players is the drone camera view. It shows an aerial view of the map allowing you to locate enemies on the map. It also zooms the map from 2 to 10 times.

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What’s new in Gods Team Injector FF?

  • Speed booster
  • Fly vehicles
  • Run in water
  • See-through walls
  • Teleport in-game character
  • Loot location
  • Medkit available
  • Fast gun reloading
  • Anti-ban
  • Aim scope


Last but not least, the Gods Team Injector download is a free tool that provides a lot of free features for FF gamers. By using this application, you can easily win matches and boost your rank in the FF shooting game. It unlocks diamonds and coins which can be used to purchase a variety of items such as character and gun skins, sophisticated weapons, and more. Moreover, it does not charge a single penny free. It is compatible with all Android devices, even with low RAM devices as well. It is lightweight with a simple interface and is safe and secure. Download the updated Gods team apk file for Android from the given download link.