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GB Whatsapp APK

This article is about GB Whatsapp APK and its features. Introduction This is the era…

This article is about GB Whatsapp APK and its features.


This is the era of the internet and the internet has revolutionized almost every stratum of life. Whether it is health, education, governance, or any field, the internet has changed everything. With the birth of the internet, many new things came to the lives of common people like social media. It is through the internet and social media that the world has become a global village. Whatever happens in any corner of the world in a fraction of a second we get to know it and also, we can talk to anyone anytime across the globe because of the internet.

The Rise of the Internet

The Internet has also revolutionized the concept of communication before the Internet people use to write letters to communicate, with the invention of the telephone people could talk and only their voice could be heard but thanks to the Internet and different apps, we can now go for video calling as famous apps like Whatsapp, IMO, etc provides us with a such advance communication system. Whatsapp is the most renowned communication app globally as it has more than two billion active users in 2023. Whatsapp has taken the world by storm as it provides such amazing features that no app has ever provided to its users. What you need is just a wifi connection so you could use it. You can call anyone using it as it provides you with both audio and video calling facilities. Also, you can send text messages as well as audio messages. You can share videos with your contacts using Whatsapp and share statuses. Not just these but you can have many more amazing features.

However, if you want other features like hiding online status, airplane mode, status download, changing themes, and many more features then you should download GB Whatsapp APK as it is a modified version of official Whatsapp like other mods such as FM WhatsApp with all these additional features and many more. This app is one of the best apps for communication as it provides its users with all the features which official WhatsApp provides to its users but GBWhatsapp goes beyond. It provides lots of new and useful features to its users which makes it much more attractive to use.


GB Whatsapp APK is the modified version of official WhatsApp. Though it provides all the amazing features to its users, WhatsApp provides to its users it goes much beyond and has introduced many wonderful features like hiding online status, airplane mode, status download, custom fonts and stickers, DND mode, auto-reply, and many more.

In simple words, it is a better version of official WhatsApp as the features which you always wanted in WhatsApp but were not available are now accessible and free for use and that is just because of this app.

GB Whatsapp vs Whatsapp – Comparison?

Feature GB WhatsappWhatsapp
Hiding online status yesno
Airplane mode yesno
Downloading status yesno
Adding custom fonts and stickers yesno
Media sharing Up to 200 MBUp to 15 MB
Character length of status Up to 255Up to 139
Supported themes yesno
DND mode yesno
Freezing last seen yesno
Disable forward tag yesno
Disable/customize calling Yesno
Anti-delete messages/status YesNo
Security lock yesno
Fully customize yesno
Auto reply yesno
Increase forward limit Maximum 250Maximum 10
Increased image share limitMaximum 100Maximum 30


Auto Reply

Reply to any of your friends or family members at any time by using this app.

DND Mode

Most of the time when we are using some other app on our phone and get disturbed by WhatsApp messages. In such a situation you need to use DND mode. DND mode simply allows you to disconnect your gbwhatsapp only from the internet so you could not receive messages while using other apps as all other apps will remain connected to the internet.

Text messages broadcast

If you want to send a broadcast text to a group then you are in the right place as the GB Whatsapp app provides you with the feature of broadcasting text messages to a group.

Filter messages

One of the best features of GB Whatsapp APK is that it comes with a filter messages option. Using this feature you can clear chat as well as filter your chat and messages.

Anti-revoke messages

Another feature of gbwhatsapp is that it provides its users with the amazing option of anti-revoke messages.

Share live locations

Most of the time we feel it is difficult to locate each other but if you have this app you don’t need to worry as you can share your live location with friends at any time.

Outstanding effects

If you want to apply a beautiful effect while sending videos or pictures then you need to download gb whatsapp as it provides its user with this amazing feature.

Emoji effects

In recent times emojis have become a language if they are sent one on one chats. So this app has introduced a feature by which any user can tap to synchronized and full-screen effects as you can try it with the common emojis on your own.

Revoke multiple messages

If you want to revoke multiple messages you can do so by using gbwhatsapp as this feature is also available in this app.

People nearby

One of the most amazing features of GB Whatsapp APK, which makes it so special, is the feature of the people nearby. By using this app you can connect to the people living around you and can make new friends in your area.

Send Maximum pictures

If you are using WhatsApp then you can share only 30 pictures at a time but with this app, you can send up to 100 pictures at a time.

Many themes

The theme feature of this app is also unique as no other such app provides this feature for its users.

Downloading status

You need to download a status downloader to download statues of your friends but if you use this app you don’t need such downloaders as this app provides a download status button to directly download status.

Amazing font styles

Updated font styles are also available so one can have different and unique font styles while using this application.

Messages history

At any time you can check how many and which messages you have revoked from a chat or a group as this app keeps a record of all these activities.

Alter contacts

If you want to alter the visibility of the media of a particular contact you can do it.

Mark unread messages

You can mark and unmark all the read and unread messages from your notifications.

Select all chat

Mostly we have lots of chats and if we need to select them we do them one by one. But you can select all your chats from your home screen in this app.

Hide your status

If you want to hide your audio or voice recording status, you have the option.

Best image quality

GB Whatsapp makes it superior to official WhatsApp by sending pictures in higher resolution.


This feature provides you with the option of selecting a language from default.


You will get a notification whenever any of your contacts changes his or her profile picture.

Pop-up Notification

You can hide or close the pop-up notifications from the main page.

Status text length

Status text length has been enhanced in this app as you can now go up to 255 alphabets against 139 in WhatsApp.

Security lock

Privacy in recent times is a bigger problem and for that purpose, GB Whatsapp has introduced a security lock to keep your privacy secure.

Maximum forward limit

You can forward anything to a maximum of 10 people in WhatsApp but if you are using this application you can forward it to a maximum of 250 contacts.

Disable forward tag

If you forward something a forward tag will appear with it but it can be disabled in this app.

Media sharing size enhanced

One other feature is that you can share media files up to 100 in this app and if you use official WhatsApp you can share just 30 media files.

Anti-delete messages

You can also recover deleted messages by using the anti-delete messages feature.

What’s new in the GB Whatsapp Latest version?

  • Bugs fixed
  • New emojis added and updated
  • Private message to a member of a group
  • Fixed the crash when you search for a theme
  • Many new amazing features have been added.

Advantages of Using GB Whatsapp APK:

The biggest advantage of using this app is that you can have a modified version of WhatsApp with all those amazing features which are not available to other users. You can take benefit of all these features without any cost by just downloading this application on your phone.

Disadvantages of using GB Whatsapp:

As with advantages we also have disadvantages to everything. The biggest disadvantage of this app is that your account can be hacked and you lose your data so you should not use your primary account on this app.

How to download and install GB Whatsapp App?

  • As this app is not available on Google Play Store so you need to download it from our site.
  • Go to the settings of your phone and enable ‘Unknown Sources’ to install it on your phone.
  • Now click on the downloaded file and launch the installation process.
  • Once it is installed, you can use it free of cost.


In conclusion, GB Whatsapp APK is a modified version of official WhatsApp, which makes it one of the best apps for communication, and sharing media files as it does not just work as WhatsApp it will provide you with some of the most amazing additional features for you like, security lock, hiding online status, downloading status, amazing font styles, endless themes, people nearby and many more amazing features. What you need to do is get this app by clicking on the button ‘GB Whatsapp Download’ Given below and flow the steps to install it and use it on your Android phone.


What is GB Whatsapp?

It is a modified version of official WhatsApp as it has been modified according to the needs of the users. It has some wonderful features which were not available before.

Is it safe to use this app?

It is not safe to use this app as your account can get blocked. Even in some cases, your data could be lost and WhatsApp could get hacked.

Is this app available on Play Store?

This app is not available on Google Play Store, so you would not find it there but you don’t need to worry as you can download this app from our site.

How to download GB Whatsapp?

As this app is not available on the play store, however, you can download it from our site by clicking on the download link given above.