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FM WhatsApp v8.35 Download APK Latest Version for Android

This article is about FM WhatsApp v8.35 APK and its features. Introduction With the passing…

This article is about FM WhatsApp v8.35 APK and its features.


With the passing of time life is becoming easy. Every day comes with a new solution to old problems and this I the reason that today we humans have achieved all such milestones that seemed impossible in the past. In the past, we had many problems due to a lack of facilities such as no education, health, information, etc. But in recent times we have developed many such platforms to solve such issues. This all just happened because of the development of the Internet as all facilities are now available for everyone on the Internet. One such facility is FM Whatsapp APK which has helped us in communicating with each other.

FM WhatsApp is basically a modified version of WhatsApp. In today’s world people use WhatsApp for communication as it provides many amazing features. FM Whatsapp has many more features which makes it more attractive than Official Whatsapp. It has many new features such as enhanced limits, security, customization, and many more. 

What is FM WhatsApp v8.35?

Whatsapp has been one of the best apps for communication in recent times. But it limited features due to which developers modified it and developed FM Whatsapp APK. In simple words, fmwhatsapp is the modified version of official Whatsapp. It is modified so that new amazing features could be added to it such as security, enhanced limits, and many more. The new and amazing features have added value to it. That’s the reason that people are now going towards this modified version of Whatsapp and every day it is becoming more and more popular among people.


Freezing last seen:

In official WhatsApp, you can hide the last seen and you also can not see the last seen. But in the case of fmwhatsapp you can view the last seen of others but others can not see your last seen.

Hide View status:

The best feature of this app is that you can hide the view status and by doing this you can view the status of others but others will not know that you viewed their status or story.

Blue tick only after reply:

Most of the time we don’t want to reply to one’s message. But once we view the message a blue tick appears and the sender knows that we are online and has viewed the message. For that, this app has provided one of the best solutions as it will only show a blue tick to the sender when you reply to the message.

Hide typing and recording:

 If you want to hide typing or recording text then you need to download FM Whatsapp as this app provides you with this amazing feature to hide your actions.

Disabling forward tag:

When anything gets many forwards in official WhatsApp it shows a forward tag but if you want to hide that tag you can do that using this application.

Anti-delete Status:

If someone put a story in the status section but after some time deletes it then no one view that story but with the help of this fm whatsapp latest version you can view the deleted status of anyone.

Anti-delete messages:

like its anti-delete status, its anti-delete messages help you to view the deleted messages which upon deletion no one could see.


The best and most loved feature of this app is customization as you can get 1000+ amazing themes and many new wallpapers.

Enhanced Limits:

Whether you are uploading a status or sending pictures or doing a video call or writing a status all have enhanced limits that help you in many different ways. You can upload a video status of 7 minutes but the same is limited to a few seconds in Whatsapp.


It offers you many different languages and you can change the language according to your needs.


Another feature of this app is anti-ban as you can download this app on your phone without being feared of getting banned.

Personal Icon:

You can change the icon of FM Whatsapp APK on your phone according to your choice. Which is one of the unique features.

Call Blocking:

Call blocking is a feature not available in official WhatsApp but it has been introduced in this app without any fear.

Broadcast message:

If you want to send a message to everyone in your chat at once instead of sending them one by one then you need this application on your device as this has the amazing feature of the broadcast message.

Higher quality image and video sharing:

One can share higher quality images and videos with his friends using this app.

Hide Media:

You can hide the media of this app from your gallery so no one could see your media files of this app.

Messaging without saving a number:

You cannot send a message to anyone without saving his or her number on your phone but using this app you can chat with anyone without saving his or her number.

FM WhatsApp v8.35 Download

This app is not available at the Play Store so you can download this app from third-party sites our website provides you with this app’s APK to download and use it.


What is FM Whatsapp APK?

This is a modified version of official WhatsApp with some amazing new features. Anyone can download this app and can use these amazing features.

Is FM WhatsApp and GB Whatsapp are same?

No, both are different apps but the thing that is common between this app and GB Whatsapp is that they both are modified versions of Official WhatsApp.

Can we download this app from the Play Store?

No, this app cannot be found on the Play Store. So you need to download this app from our site to start using it.


In conclusion, one can say that FM Whatsapp v8.35 is not just a modified version. But also much better than the official WhatsApp. The reason behind this is that all those features which WhatsApp users were in dire need of, were introduced in this MOD like hiding status view, message view, online status, etc. It has also some other features like customization, anti-delete status, and messages are also important to be noted. These all-new and amazing features make this app more appealing and attractive for WhatsApp users. This is the reason that people are downloading it. Also using this app is such a huge number and it is increasing day by day. If you want to download this app click on FM WhatsApp v8.35 Download and get it on your Android for free.