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Bad Ravan Gaming Injector APK Download Latest Version [v7]2023

Introduction Bad Ravan Gaming Injector is a popular tool among players of the popular mobile…


Bad Ravan Gaming Injector is a popular tool among players of the popular mobile game, Garena Free Fire. It allows players to access a variety of tricks and techniques that can give them an edge over other players. Using these tricks can make the game easier and more enjoyable for some players. You can access features such as increased speed, Aimbot, and WallTrick, which can help you climb the leaderboards and improve your performance in the game. Diamonds are an important part of Free Fire as they provide players with a way to enhance their in-game experience and access new cosmetic items.

Bad Ravan Gaming Injector Info

App NameBad Ravan Gaming
DeveloperBAD RAVAN
RequirementAndroid 5.0+
Size7.8 MB

What is the Bad Ravan Gaming Injector?

Bad Ravan Gaming Injector APK is a third-party app that provides a variety of features for Free Fire gamers. Using tips and tricks can enhance the overall gaming experience and improve shooting skills. Additionally, these features can help players improve their skills and boost their ranking. You can inject these techniques and easily succeed in the game.

Garena Free Fire is a popular mobile battle royale game that has been downloaded over 500 million times on the Google Play Store alone. You get free running med kits which are consumable items that can be used to restore health. You can use these items to stay in the game longer and continue fighting. When auto-aim is enabled, the game’s aiming mechanism will automatically track the nearest enemy and aim at them. This can make it easier for you to hit targets more efficiently.

Similarly, you can easily beat opponents and reach higher levels in the free-fire game by using these tricks and techniques. The drone camera is a useful feature for players who want to get a bird’s eye view of the map and make the most of their gameplay experience. Antenna View is especially useful for players who want to stay informed about the movements of their enemies and coordinate with their allies to outsmart their opponents.

Features of Bad Ravan Gaming Injector

Below are the key features of this injector.

FF Skins

This app provides you with premium FF skins to change the appearance of weapons, characters, vehicles, and other in-game items. Having a unique skin can set your weapons, characters, vehicles, and other in-game items apart from the rest, making you stand out in the game.

Auto Headshot

Headshot refers to a shot that hits the head of an opponent, which typically results in a one-hit kill. An auto headshot is a shot that automatically hits the head, regardless of the player’s aim killing the enemy in a single shot.


The aimbot feature automatically aims and shoots at enemies for the player, making it easier to kill them. It locates the position of the enemy and then adjusts the player’s aim to hit that target. Some aim bots may also automatically trigger the shoot button, making it even easier for you to take down enemies.

Drone View

Drone View in Free Fire is a feature that allows players to view the entire map and get an aerial perspective of the game’s terrain. The Drone View is essentially a map tool that provides players with an overview of the battlefield and helps them plan their moves, track their enemies, and make strategic decisions during a match.

Antenna View

Antenna View allows you to track teammates and enemies in real-time. This view displays the positions of all players on the map, including allies, enemies, and dead players. The feature helps you to track allies and enemies, as well as monitor the movement of other players on the battlefield.

Auto Aim

Auto-aim is a feature in some shooting games that automatically targets and aims at enemies for the player. The feature is designed to make it easier for you to aim and shoot at targets, especially for inexperienced players or players who have trouble aiming accurately.

Unlimited Diamonds

In Free Fire, diamonds are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase various items and services in the game store. Diamonds can be used to buy character skins, weapon skins, emotes, bundles, and other cosmetic items.

ESP Menu

ESP Menu provides players with an unfair advantage by displaying information on other players. It lets you know the locations of other players, weapons, and other valuable items. The information is displayed on top of the game’s graphics and is intended to give players an advantage over their opponents.

Run Med Kit

Run Med kit technique allows you to automatically use a medical kit while you are running or moving. This feature can be useful to quickly heal the in-game character while on the move, without having to manually stop and use the medical kit.

Fast Gun Reload

Fast Gun Reload is a feature that allows you to reload your weapons more quickly than the normal reload time. This can give you an advantage in combat situations, as you can reload weapons faster and get back into the fight more quickly.

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What’s new in Bad Ravan Gaming Injector?

  • Fly Bike
  • Gloo Location
  • Custom Map
  • No Recoil
  • Dark Mode
  • Small Size
  • Loot Location
  • No Pop-up Ads
  • Custom Analog
  • Double Guns
  • Anti-Ban
  • No Registration process
  • Lightweight
  • Exclusive skins

How to download Bad Ravan Gaming Injector APK?

Follow these steps to download and install this injector on your Android.

  • Open Software Hoster and search for this injector.
  • Download this apk, go to settings, and allow Unknown Sources.
  • Open recent downloads and run the installation.
  • Once installation is done you can start using this injector.


Last but not least, the Bad Ravan Gaming Injector is a good choice for you to improve your shooting skills and increase your chances of winning battles in Free Fire. If you are looking for an easy and convenient way to improve your performance in the game, this injector might be worth considering. By using the auto-aim, auto headshot, drone view, crosshair, med kit, and ESP Menu, you can easily boost your rank and increase your chances of winning the game. The app has a simple interface with HD graphics. It has night and light mode as well. It does not show ads nor does it have a registration process. You can free download the latest Bad Ravan Gaming Injector Apk for Android from the given download link.