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Aero WhatsApp APK

This article is about Aero WhatsApp APK and its features. Introduction When it comes to…

This article is about Aero WhatsApp APK and its features.


When it comes to communication there is no comparison to WhatsApp. In simple words, communication is complete with WhatsApp. The reason behind this is that WhatsApp has introduced many features for its users which were new for everyone around the globe. Like no one knew Video calling, file sharing, audio sharing, and audio calling all in a single platform. These all features were so amazing and like the users, WhatsApp became so much popular among the masses. Today billions of people use WhatsApp for communication purposes. Over time, different mods were developed like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, YO WhatsApp, and many more but Aero WhatsApp APK became popular among them.

Aero WhatsApp is another modified version of Official WhatsApp with some of the latest and advanced features which were not introduced by any other MOD. These features include DND mode, themes, enhanced limits, and many more.

Overview of Aero WhatsApp:

Aero WhatsApp is another modified version of WhatsApp as it has introduced the latest and advanced features which were new and unknown to all types of users. Some of the features which were new to all the users include DND Mode, Home Screen Customization, increased limits of file sharing, password protection of the App, changing font styles, anti-delete messages, and many more features. This is the reason that millions of people today prefer to use WhatsApp Aero APK over all other mods available on the internet.


This app has certain features which are explained below.

DND mode:

One of the amazing features of this app is that it has DND Mode. You can turn off the internet just for this app in case you needed to while all other apps would remain connected to the internet.

Multiple themes:

This app comes with beautiful and colorful themes which you can use according to your choice.

Hide Tick:

One of the much-needed features of this app is that you can hide single ticks, double ticks, and blue ticks to keep things more in your control.


You can set a password for this app. Also, another security feature is to add a security question.

Increased limit for sharing file size:

Using this app you can send any file whose size is up to 100 MBs.


You can have lots of different emojis which can be used to make the conversation more interesting.


You can create and upload Instagram-style Statuses to your status.


In case you want to view deleted statuses and messages then you can turn on the anti-delete option. This will let you view all the deleted statuses and messages.

Font styles:

Another amazing feature is to change font styles as this app provides you with many different font styles.

Customize screen:

In case you want to customize your chat screen you can do it with the help of this app.


This app has the function of an auto-reply option, which will help you with fast communication.

How to download and install this app on your Android?

  • Open our site search for WhatsApp Aero and click on the download button.
  • Let the downloading complete and then go to settings.
  • Allow unknown sources from the setting of your Android.
  • Now go to downloads, open the Aero WhatsApp APK, and run the installation.
  • Once installation is completed, open it.
  • Now connect your account or create a new one to start using it.


What is Aero WhatsApp APK?

This app like all other MODs is a modified version of Official WhatsApp with advanced and new features.

Can we download it and use it?

Yes, it can be downloaded from our site by clicking the ‘Aero WhatsApp Download’ button. As this is a third-party app so you would not be able to find it on the play store.

Is this app legal to use?

This app falls in the category of the gray list. It means it can be used without any fear. It is neither legal nor illegal. Your account cannot be banned for using this app as it is not illegal to use.

Can we use WhatsApp and Aero WhatsApp both at a time?

Yes, you can use both the official as well as this mod on your mobile at a single time. This feature is not available in other mods like GB WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp, and others due to which WhatsApp Aero is preferred over others.


In short, this app is one of the best-modified versions of WhatsApp. As it is a modified version of official WhatsApp so it not just has those features but also has introduced new and advanced features. These features include DND Mode, auto-reply, anti-delete, customize screen, many font styles, emojis, security, and many more. The best part about this app is that all these features can be accessed for free by downloading this app from our site. You will not find this app on the Google play store as this app is developed by a third-party developer. You don’t need to worry, simply click on the ‘WhatsApp Aero Download’ button at the top and download it now and start using it.